October 19, 2013

Well, ‘hell month’ is over! All my tests are out of the way, I have successfully changed jobs and passed all of my training!

The only thing standing in the way of me being able to breathe easy for a second is a paper that I have due on Monday!

So tonight, it is time to celebrate! We are going to Nashville! I can’t wait to just sit and listen to live music all night!

So in case you all didn’t know I left my serving job at O’Charley’s and moved to bigger and better things at Carrabba’s Italian Grill. The money is 200% better and I couldn’t be happier with all of the new friends in my life. 

Last night we were recording in the studio until 2:30 in the morning, and since I didn’t have to work today it has been quite relaxing.

Also some pictures that I took were published in CMA Close Up, which is an music industry website and Magazine! I was so happy to have been given that opportunity! (I will post a link at the end of this post!)

To top this amazing month off, my parents and family are coming up to watch my sister play in the state volleyball tournament next week! I am excited for that because I haven’t really gotten to spend time and hang out with my family much the last month!

Needless to say it has been a crazy past few weeks and I can’t wait to see what this coming month has to offer. With Thanksgiving around the corner, there is cause for us to sit back and thank God for everything he is doing in our lives; and thank him that he is giving back our very own Teddie Chastain at the end of the month! Praise Jesus!

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well! Stay in school and have fun! 

The photo link!:



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